Hold a Hill


Solves Uphill Problems
Beautifies Hillsides

When Properly Installed:

-Prevents erosion… holds slopes and hillsides.
-Conserves soil, plan materials and water.
-Provides planting spaces for productive or decorative planting.
-Cuts maintenance…easy to plant, weed and water.
-Self-interlocking angled blocks…
-Size: regular block 36″ long, 12″ high.
-Tested and proved….moderately priced.
-Do-it-yourself installation instruction sheet furnished with each order.

Conserves Soil and Water Provides Planting Spaces

Hold-A-Hill® Retaining Blocks designed by a Landscape Architect, enhance and protect your property. Set in tiers up slopes and hillsides, each block provides an individual planting area. Hold-A-Hill® Retaining Blocks meet your special uphill problems in a decorative, practical way. They reclaim and transform slopes and hillsides into a beautiful mass of colorful productive plantings…with soil held firmly, water conserved and a minimum of maintenance. Hold-A-Hill® Retaining Blocks offer the most versatile way to achieve productivity, beauty and interest in hillside landscaping.

Hold-A-Hill® Mounds and Pyramids Provide:

-New frontiers in gardening and garden design.
-Welcome relief to flat areas – raised planters.
-Attractive screens, barriers and windbreaks.
-Suitable bases for statuary and garden ornaments.
-Endless methods for the ornamental use of water
-Excellent planting areas for strawberry, herb or specimen gardens.
-Elevation of plants so colors and textures can be seen.

Easy to Install – Do-It-Yourself!